Cash Loan Lender Charges

Here at We do not charge you any fees for using our service. We are a broker and will not lend you the money so any charges will be from the lender that approves you the loan. In most costs, there should not be any charges to apply for the loan. The only charges you should have to pay for will be the interest charges. The interest charges will vary from 1 application to the next. This will be determined based on the loan amount and information that is provided at the time of the application.

We aim to provide you with the best loan deal available. It is important to remember that these loans generally have higher interest charges associated with them. This is because of the flexibility and ease of getting the funds in your account so quickly. The charges will be higher than at your bank account, so its important to remember that a payday loan is a short term finance option.

the APR or interest rate of Payday Cash Loans will appear very high. The APR represents what you would end up paying back if the loan was over the entire 12 month period. It is worth working out the actual charges you will pay in total rather that the APR rates.